Interior design tools

Interior Design Just a Click Away!


Room maker

A single platform that integrates your interior design work into one easy to use 3D panel. Using this smart design method, starting from any room shape you can add doors, windows, finishes, lights, curtains, sockets, switches, cornices, skirting boards, or even pictures on the walls.


The Tiling Styles enable you to set the tiling layout to a wall or any other surface as a One-Click definition. It is easy to select a style from the library and you can also create your own. If you would like to try another tiling style, you are able to change the whole tiling of the room with a single click, or you can simply modify the tiling styles wall by wall.


Moulding adds a sophisticated finishing touch to any room. ARCHLine.XP has effective one-click or path definition tools you need which can be utilized for any moulding you take on aim to designing.

Kitchen design

ARCHLine.XP is has been designed as a professional multipurpose interior design software, and it is not a specifically kitchen design application. However, it able to create wardrobes, drawers, cabinets and other standard and bespoken furniture. The kitchen design wizard helps you to configure the desired furniture in minutes and save it into your object library.

Real Textures, Colours and Fabrics

Whatever your design style is, you can create beautiful textured walls, floors, curtains and other elements. As a result, the room will take on a whole new dimension.

Visual design


Rendering, photorealistic images

To create stunning images, ARCHLine.XP has a first-class Render engine.You can easily render lifelike fabrics, textiles, leathers and wall finishes with excellent light effects in daytime and night scenes. It all takes just a few minutes.

Shadow studies

ARCHLine.XP's real-time Shadow Engine lets you perform accurate shade studies on your models. Switch on the sun to see how it will affect your space at any time and date. Drag the time slider to watch the daylight move across your space.


Lighting is a key element of interior design. It sets the mood for each room. The use of natural or artificial lighting can have a major impact on the overall look of a room. In ARCHLine.XP you can study the effects of artificial lights in real-time 3D.

Digital mood board

Create digital mood boards to show the visual directions of your plan. Boost up your presentations with an eye-catching design compilation which also helps the communication with your clients at the early stages of your cooperation.

Dynamic section

You can use ARCHLine.XP interactive Dynamic Section feature to temporarily cut away parts of your design, enabling you to look inside your model. You can use Sections to create architectural section as well move and rotate the working plane.


A walk-through model can be part of a modern “movie” presentation. An animated film is moving along a predetermined path around the 3D model, and creates the illusion to the viewer, as if he had been walking around in a completed residential area. The advantage of animation compared to "virtual photo" is that the perception of space is more expressive. It becomes palpable the location of furniture and identifiable the potential bottlenecks, also possible collision of door openings.

Virtual Panoramic View 360

The Virtual Panoramic view presentation is huge step forward, it is based on creating a series of interactive virtual photos from one viewpoint which can be rotated around and as a result it grants the overview of the entire living space in 360 degrees. The rooms can be linked together, so we can move from one to another. Use a VR Box to enhance the effect. Load the panoramic view onto your smartphone, insert the phone into the helmet, and put it on your customers. This provides more than just a screen view, the panorama is projected straight in front of our eyes, separately to each eyes, and head movement moves the image, too. Truly a breath taking presentation tool.

Furniture design


Product catalogs

The ARCHLine.XP Showroom contains high-quality fabrics, 3D models from leading product manufacturers and retailers. You can download and visualize realistic fabrics, colours, 3D models - instead of generic ones - within your project.

Get models from the 3D Warehouse

ARCHLine.XP provides direct access to the world's biggest online repository of furniture, the 3D Warehouse. It contains every group of furniture which is necessary for the design (e.g.: chairs, tables, kitchen-, living room-, bedroom, bathroom items, accessories). If the library doesn’t contain the suitable object, you can create it with the ARCHLine.XP tools.

Soft Furnishing

Soft furnishing is at the basis of interior design. Soft furnishing tools of ARCHLine.XP add colour, texture, softness and style to the room. Without soft furnishings, the room would be too “hard”. You can create perfectly realistic curtains just in a few steps! The roman blind wizard is a great tool to create the blinds by simply setting up some simple parameters.


The loft tool allows you to create complex models by simply defining a 3D path and several cross-sections along that path. The software will morph these cross sections into each other creating a 3D object.

Smart Object Parts

Smart Object Parts is an easy to use tool that gives you an efficient interface for creating complex furniture parts such as legs, chair backs, seats, and so on. You can create elaborate furniture, no experience in traditional 3D modelling is needed!

Furniture Assembler

Using the components created by the Loft tool and the Smart Object Parts, the Furniture Assembler can merge them together and produce various types of upholstered furniture. The result is modular, so you can freely exchange parts of the final piece of furniture and replace fabrics with one click.

Drawing and Documentation


Build 3D models from 2D drawings

Using the Wall command on DWG drawings allows you to convert lines from imported DXF/DWG drawings into 3D walls. There are also a number of techniques to be used for placing doors and window openings.

Stairs and Balustrades

ARCHLine.XP uses two stair definition methods. You can create and manipulate 3D parametric stairs with either regular or irregular shapes. Irregular or sketched stairs, are created with a step by step method providing a group of boundary curves. Balustrades are associated with stairs and freely editable with any form of handrails and puppets.


Using the styling tool in ArchLine.XP is the best way to create consistent, well-designed projects. It consists of a sequence of properties applied one after the other to set and edit the individual elements – new walls, doors, windows or any other object.

Add Dimensions and Annotations

Add precise annotations to your documentation, place dimensions using the software’s highly precise, double precision format. Define the format, scale, precision, and toggle between metric and imperial units. 


Layers are a method of managing and controlling the visual layout of a drawing. Using layers you can group or separate the objects of the current drawing in various categories or folders, and for example display only the architectural part of your project or temporary hide tiling or electrical accessories.


A group is a collection of objects you can create in ArchLine.XP which can then be assigned different properties or placed on separate layers. The groups can then be moved or edited as one whole unit.


External references (XREF) let you embed another drawing into the one you are currently working on.