Budapest, Hungary – Having won an IFC certification from buildingSMART in 2016, Hungarian AEC software manufacturer CadLine Ltd. is now ready to promote the advantages of working in BIM to its users. The methods: videos and webinars.

While not every member of the design process feels yet the need to adopt the BIM process yet, BIM in itself becomes more and more of a standard in a growing number of countries. Surely, adopting the BIM process will soon become inevitable. However, many might believe that the transitional process is cumbersome, costly, and time consuming. It is crucial, therefore that those, who are just getting started with BIM are given a tool, which makes their move to BIM easier.

CadLine develops the architectural design software “ARCHLine.XP”, which aims at making said transition smoother. The program builds upon CAD professionals’ existing drafting skills so as to cut back on training time, and it’s open towards other BIM platforms to make sure users can utilize their peers’ data, and are not left out of the design process. Recognizing that the budget is a major obstacle for smaller companies for adopting the BIM process, CadLine offers the option to pay for perpetual licenses in installments as well.

Good features and merciful pricing are not enough to spread BIM-awareness, therefore CadLine also hosts how-to videos and organizes webinars to make CAD professionals realize that BIM is actually not that far away, and what advantages BIM brings to their workflow. This is how CadLine opens a Gateway to BIM, through which even the smaller firms can make their way to the new standards.

Visit the dedicated "Gateway to BIM" site to learn more on CadLine's efforts.