New from ARCHLine.XP: Kitchen design made simple

New from ARCHLine.XP: Kitchen design made simple

Blog written by ARCHLine.XP user Siroco

Designing a kitchen is a pleasant and at the same time difficult task. You have to take into account many things since it has meet clients’ expectations in terms of both functionality and style.

While it may not help the designing process itself, the new kitchen design module from ARCHLine.XP makes planning significantly easier. Let us see how to use it.

Step by Step:

Our example kitchen might be small but it is quite complex in its layout, this is how it looks:


Just to make it easier to visualize it in 3D:


It has a tiny window and a plasterboard ceiling. A cooking kitchen is hidden behind the open door.

The first step of the module is that under the “Kitchen and cupboards” menu point by clicking on “Korpusz” we select a cupboard unit of roughly the same size as what we would like to use later. (note: Indoor, KBB, Cabinet)

First I would place a corner cupboard unit:


The basic features of the cupboard can be changed here too but detailed editing is possible after its placement.


I place the furniture one by one next to each other.

When done by clicking the editing icon a new type of furniture wizard comers up. I can change the settings of the door by the menu tabs (the possibilities are endless from modern via classic to the completely unique), the handle, the shape and most importantly the layout of the furniture. This furniture got 3 horizontal divisions and every division got a separate drawer.


This narrow wine cabinet got three divisions too, although only shelves, and by clicking on the individual features I tilted the shelves by 45 degrees.


As it can also be seen I have put together the lower cupboard relatively quickly.


Here come the tall/high cupboards

From the previously introduced “Korpusz” selector now I choose a tall/high cupboard. I divide this to three horizontal parts.

The upper section consists of shelves and has a door that is opening upwards. The middle one gets a built-in oven (can be found at the drawers) and the lower gets two drawers.


There will be a need for a large empty cupboard for the American style fridge.


Then a 40 cm wide cupboard is next that also has three sections.


I turned this cupboard unit inside because it will be the first unit of the upper cupboard, and thus the pantry will be reachable from the door’s side.

As you can see this consists of 7 parts, the bottom three have drawers.


And here it is:


The entire kitchen cupboard will look like this:


The pantry too gets a cupboard looking door, which I built of wall units in the drawings.


Now the upper cupboards come.

From the usual Korpusz I choose now an upper cupboard. It is built of two kinds of parts: one with and another without the door.



The version with the door:


The result of assembly:


Nowadays it is a typical solution to put dekorit (decorative laminates) on the wall. This effect I achieved with a wall unit. As you can see I have also put in the kitchen equipment.


The closing unit of the kitchen is a table that I built with the help of wall and slab units.



On the dekorit (decorative laminates) behind the table I wanted to put some shelves made of slab units too….


… which I redesigned later to this:


Since the entire lower cupboard is ready, now can come the kitchen countertop. This works similar to a wall unit, must draw a reference line, the kitchen worktop will be made along this line. After its placement it can be personalized (?), the place of the cooking plate and dishwasher can also be adjusted.



Our kitchen is ready:



I begin with dimensioning the base plan….


Then I place it on a prepared print page together with a few visual designs.


Then come the wall views: for this I make structural and coloured sections…


… from every side and also dimension them. The price quotes can go out!


And for my own pleasure I make a rendered image too :)


Wish you lot of pleasure for using the kitchen design module.

Images grow by clicking!

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