Panorama 360

Virtual Panoramic view presentation is based on creating series of interactive virtual photos from one aspect which can be rotated around and as a result it grants the overview of the entire living space in 360 degrees.



The animation can be made not only by defining points in the 2D window, but in the 3D window you can walk through the model and by clicking with the left mouse button you can define points through which the walkthrough will be completed. 

Creating photorealistic visuals

Topics include:
  • Understanding settings of photorealistic rendering
  • Changing backgrounds
  • Understanding image brightness, burn and other effects
  • Rendering previously saved views
  • Saving rendered images

Real-time Rendering

Topics include:

  • Understanding the render frame
  • Setting up and starting the real-time rendering
  • Understanding how changes are synchronized to the renderer
  • Changing the render quality

Designing LED Lighting

Topics include:
  • Drawing LED light strip in 3D
  • Setting up the colour, intensity and cross section
  • Turning lights on/off
  • Visualize changes immediately in real-time

Working with materials

Topics include:
  • Quick-finding materials of an existing model
  • Changing material types and other settings
  • Understanding how changes are synchronized to the renderer
  • Understanding the Fresnel Effect

The Fresnel Effect

Topics include:
  • Understanding non-Fresnel reflections
  • Understanding Fresnel reflections
  • Working with real-time rendering

Environment Background Settings

Topics include:
  • Finding the background settings
  • Understanding the 4 types of backgrounds
  • Setting up a panoramic background
  • Changing the alignment of the panoramic background