General Introduction

In this video you can learn the basic concept of the ARCHLine.XP interface.
General introduction

Zoom and Pan the drawing

In this video you will learn zoom and pan the drawings in the ARCHLine.XP design software.
Zoom and Pan

Auxiliary lines

Auxiliary lines are often used to make special points input easier, like horizontal, vertical lines, intersection points with existing lines,locks and object snap, etc.
Auxiliary lines

An introduction to the Work Area

In this video you will learn how to work with a 3D model. You can easily move and rotate the 3D model and set up different views in seconds.
Work area

Rescaling the user interface

In this video you will learn how to rescale the ARCHLine.XP interface to match various display resolutions.

Smart distance tool

Smart Distance is a fast tool to measure and change the distance from the first selected item and the later selected ones.
Smart distance tool