New Features 2008

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Short description of new features:

New user interface

File management: Sketchup import - Artlantis export

OLE (object linking and embedding) to link ARCHline.XP 2008 data with an Excel spreadsheet ,Word document or directly to AutoCAD DWG drawings.

File management: Import DWG/DXF on 3D surface

ARCHline.XP 2008 can import a 2D floorplan DWG or DXF drawing onto a 3D surface.  It helps the architectural design in the space.

Artistic rendering - Sketch

A unique technology that supports rendering at the conceptual design stage and also allows the easy creation of impressionistic and stylized presentations at any point during the design process. Supports the output of EPix format to Piranesi.

Dynamic sectional drawing

Moving, rotating or mirroring of the section line with the use of section line markers on the floor plan refreshes the section view automatically. The section view dynamically follows the changes made in the model.

Door/Window new feature - linked Internal / External Frame

New feature: associated external and / or internal frame.

Improved roof structure

With more detailed roof construction that includes the independent Ridge Board, enhanced ending Profile definition, Collar beam/tie.

Improved Ballustrade features

The new Ballustrade Set management lets you create a Short ballustrade definition together with Stair definition.

Complete Setup support to Microsoft Windows Vista

Other improvements and repairs

In addition to the new features, dozens of repairs and minor improvements were added as well, including:

  • Revision cloud. Revision cloud is commonly used on drawings to illustrate a design change. The revision cloud is made up of polyline arcs.
  • Room book. Automatic refreshment of the summary table of all room books.
  • Wall centerline. On the floor plan, the main wall layer axis line can be displayed.
  • Priority for architectural elements. The properties of architectural elements are enhanced with Priority.
  • Openings. There is no wall gap line between neighboring doors/windows with zero distance.
  • Curtain wall: The divider column can be parameterized in X and Y direction as well.
  • Floor manager dialog. - New command : Move to other floor.
  • Dimension: New command : Remove associativity.
  • Text: New property : The frame around box can be scaled from 0 to 100%.
  • Shadowing: new option: shadow hatches without contour lines.
  • New section sign library: You can freely define your own section sign.
  • New line type dialog to manage easier big quantities of line types.
  • New door/window libraries: Louver window, Oriental sliding, Shuttered windows, new glass doors.

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