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Watch it here on 24 October 15:00

"I followed the webinar this afternoon and found it very interesting. Congratulations!"
Luigi Serafini, Italy

"It's great entertainment watching these 2 on the webinars, they make a good team."
Larry Moore, Norway

"I think you are on a very right track with your webinars. I look at them with interest and can still learn a lot even after nearly 15 years of experience with the Archline."
Christoph Wiesmann, Germany

"Your webinars have taught me so much in a short period of time, I am able to do basic buildings. Zoltan and Mr Papp, make it very interesting to learn, you pose questions that we the users ask ourselves."
Mathaba Innocent, South Africa

"Hi Guys, I think the 2019 Highlights 2 show was the best webinar so far!"
Nigel Varley, Australia

"I’ve just watched your webinar and found it so informative and helpful. Thank Zoltan and Illes for your presentation."
Angela Maraise, UK

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