Harmonic family house by Ms Ágnes Orosz

Ágnes Orosz introduces her Interior Design Thesis created in ARCHLine.XP:

OroszAgnes_email_decor_2x2_400.jpg"I gained my Interior Designer, Interior Planner diploma in Junior Art Center in 2016. Before my studies I saw and used a lot of other plan made with another design software but I was grasped by ARCHLine.XP because it is user friendly, easily manageable, makes beautiful, spectacular drawings and you can realise a complex and high standard work with it. I was always fascinated by Interior Design, the interior harmony found in different branches, the uniqueness and the stylistic trademarks. The most important aspect during my work is to plan houses which not only suit the customer’s expectations but I also try to design the spaces to be the most beautiful, the best and most importantly the most liveable – functionally suiting every need – , and as far as possible, I want to avoid mixing styles. My graduation task was to renovate a two-storey family house for a young family with two children. The main goal was the establishment of a harmonic, comfortable living space with a lot of natural materials. They love modern, high standard materials, furniture, objects and pretty lamps."


The two-storey house has a spacious, open spatial organisation, elegant appearance, furnishing and decoration. With the colours and materials used in the space I tried to establish a total harmony. The walls on the ground floor got a pastel colour, a unified warm brown wood was chosen for the surface of the floor. The house offers an open family living space separated into two different zones, the living room and the community space on the ground floor, the bedrooms and the relax zone on the first floor.
Planning the living room was the most difficult task because it has multiple role in the family’s life. Beside the most important furniture, such as the sofa, armchair, television and shelves a reading corner got place also. Its style is modern but elegant with a little eastern influence which I realised with different decorative elements like the patterns of the curtains and pillows, the pictures and the decorative objects.
The kitchen has an important role in the family’s life. It is characterized by everyday use and receiving guests is also frequent. Its style is modern but elegant which is possible due to the high-gloss furniture and Moroccan decorative elements, such as the picture on the wall, the chandelier and the tiling. The selection of qualitative materials and appliances was a very important aspect. Because of the separation of the dining room there was a need for a breakfast table.
A common room was established on the first floor, primarily for the children which is perfect for relaxing, playing, watching television and receiving friends. The family wanted an aquarium as well which got place in this room. There are dark, warm wooden floor and a white sofa in the common room which are vitalized by turquoise textile and a picture.
The main goal was to design an elegant bedroom. A Moroccan patterned décor wall cover was added to the wall behind the bed which not only vitalize the room but the bed is emphasised by it as well. The curtains, whose pattern are the same as the wall cover’s, are not only functional elements in the room but they are decoration also.
The rooms for the children were furnished thinking of the future so they can be reorganized easily, the wall decoration can be easily removed. Because the girl is in her teens a more matured girlish room was designed.
The dominant furniture of the bathroom is the big freely standing bathtub. The Moroccan patterned tiles are back in the bathroom as well. Accompanying the grey ornate tile a wooden boarding was placed on the floor whose contrast makes the room more homelike and warmer.

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