Loft apartment design using ARCHLine.XP 2015

Blog written by ARCHLine.XP user interior designer Flora Orosz from Siroco Interiors Ltd.

It is an exceptional opportunity for the interior designer when the only wish of the customer is the work to be spectacular. In the followings below we show you exactly such examples – what are the spectacular solutions that make an enormous space look fascinating.

In order the special character of a loft apartment to manifest itself in the design it is worth to look at a few pictures on this topic and get some inspiration.


Enormous space, worn-down walls, brick and concrete surfaces, industrial accessories.

Planning and design

We are given a simple but huge space with a height of 4.5m:

This 70-sqm room is structured by only one huge glass surface and a small bay.

As a start, with texturing in a 3D window , we put on wall patterns on the walls as required.

It fits very well to this style if we put a picture on the wall in order to soften its rustic and industrial look. The picture is put on using the texturing tool.

Next is the floor. For this work we choose the following pictures for inspiration:

First, after selecting the matching hexagonal tiles and wooden floor, we work out a surface using the design tool.

Then, we cover the floor with this surface.

No need to deal with the positioning of the picture at this point yet because we will need to specify the parameters of the texture later anyway in the rendering program.

We make the steel I-beam spanning the ceiling with the beam maker and then multiply it as needed.

After this we cover the ceiling with concrete-like pattern.

The floor is consists of two level-shifts that are made using the slab design tool.

Kitchen design

For the kitchen we got the inspiration from the design we have seen at an exhibition in Milan last year. We want to create a similar built-in cabinet and a kitchen isle.

Let’s start with the built-in cabinet: this is a simple and tall cabinet with a non-opening door as it will be explained later.

It consists of a door and a few shelves.

It is multiplied and framed …

… using slab and wooden elements.

The kitchen isle is next:

This is a simple box with no legs and thick sidewalls …

… also fitted with a non-opening door …

… and by dividing the space two double and four single drawers.

In the editor of Cabinet 2D/3D presentation, you can change the drawer position to “slightly open” and get exactly the desired effect.

In order to get this effect also in 3D we need to change the KBB settings too and set the kitchen doors to slightly open. This is the reason why the built-in cabinets must have non-opening doors.

Here is the effect we get if we change the settings to fully open – not exactly what we want.

We change it back to slightly open – and we get exactly what we want.

The kitchen worktop is thin and extends beyond the cabinet by 30 cm - in this way we get a tiny breakfast place here.

The legs of the small cabinet are made using the column tool.

This is what we get:

The extractor hood is not worked out in full detail here due to time shortage, this is a warehouse extractor …

… with some editing using the column tool.

This here also shows the warehouse lamps …

… and the small furniture too.

The full dining set is uploaded as one model.

Now, the kitchen and dining place is ready.

Living room design

First we cut a hole in the ceiling by breaking through the slab.

The hole in the slab will be further worked upon when fitting in the staircase.

The metal staircase is again a ready-made warehouse item.

The next important item is the sofa. This here is a beautiful piece from Edra that can be downloaded in different 3D formats from their website.

We have put in a two- and also a three-seater sofa.

Now we only need to adjust the texture.

And it is ready:

More lamps and small furniture are put in the design.

Finally, we need to assign light effects to the lamps.

Now the full design is ready.

After this the project is put in the Thea renderer in order to present it in its final form to the customer:

Thank you for going through this long post and hope you will find what you have seen here useful for your own work.

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