Stylish modern family home by interior designer Ms Judit Dóró

Stylish modern family home for four was designed with ARCHLine.XP Design Software by Ms Judit Dóró

A nice and friendly family of four turned to DD Interior Studio with a request to design a modern family apartment.
Brownish colors, modern, chic interior decoration they were wishing for.

Ms Dóró talks about the design work and decoration.
My client gave me free hand to design their home, so the whole design experience was smooth, relaxed and speedy.

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The floorplan determined the feasibility, but we managed to work out the furnishing and storage to keep the spaciousness.
In the hallway beside a built-in wardrobe we put a neat and unique bench in art deco style. Its particular shape was strengthen with a mirror placed above.

From the hallway we get into the living area, the unity of kitchen-bar-dining room-living room and the staircase meet in one place.
The multi functionality is framed by the wooden stripe which runs along the ceiling. The peculiarity of this area is perspicuity and consistency.

The kitchen is in a bay, the bar and wine fridge are parallel opposite to it.
The main characteristic and exclusivity is brought into life by oval elements of the grid celling in art deco style, where we put led lights.
The art deco aspects of lamps and the couch smoothly tone up the dreamed style.
The courageous game of unusual shapes and materials runs along the entire apartment, as a leading concept.

Under the staircase inside the huge wardrobe we built a small office corner, which can be hidden by sliding doors- if it is necessary.
The diverse, but harmoniously matched materials and mood lights got tremendous emphasis next to the design elements of the living area.

An exclusive wooden stair with concentrated lights and an ethereal glass balustrade leads us to the next level.

Next to the stairs as decoration niches were inserted in the wall which created bond between the ground and first floor.
Here we arrive to the gallery, the paneling on the ceiling unites with the built-in wardrobe.
The style and harmony of the colors determines and characterizes the entire apartmentt

Despite the small size of the main bedroom we were able to fit in all functions in a very comfortable way.
This room mainly have integrated functions. Due to the orientation of the whole building this room is very sunny, so we chose a darker designer wallpaper.
The textures and materials are mostly characterized by the silky glimmering. The small pearly wallpaper gives the velvety feeling.
The cushions and bedspread strength the softness. The mood lights and crystal lamps got special roll in this room.

The bedroom for a teenager boy has many different sections.
The influential topic is planets and starts. Slight changes on the original architectural plans and an ideal size of teenager kingdom was formed.
The exclusive wall poster in the relaxing area fills its roll perfectly. The media wall binds in the units for clothing with sharp contrast.
The study corner is separated with a glass window and blue low stool from the tranquil zone.
The exceptional and extravagant desk is the peculiarity and beauty of this room.
The design elements nicely exploit the potential of the room’s dimension.

The harmony is ensured by the synergy of the daringly selected materials, the shape of dreamed lamps and the wall coverings.


First and last: A stylish, trendy, modern family home was created, where to return is a great pleasure

for all the member of the family.

3D model created with ARCHLine.XP Interior design software and rendered with third party software.

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