The 3D model size reduction option makes large 3D models easier to work with by automatically reducing the number of polygons.

Using the process named decimation; the ARCHLine.XP eliminates polygons only where their absence will not greatly affect the model's accuracy. The local geometry of the model's surface is used to determine whether a vertex may be removed. When a vertex is removed, the ARCHLine.XP fills the resulting hole with larger polygons.

Menu: View > 2D -> 3D > By classes

Decimate never creates new vertices; the vertices of the new model are a subset of the original vertices. This approach preserves the model's original structure, surface normal vectors (which indicates the model's 3D orientation at each point) and texture mapping.

Reductions of up to 90 percent with only slight loss of detail are common.


Original model with number of edges: over half million Decimated model with number of edges: 62.000