Introducing new software package

Are you tired of tedious, inaccurate surveying, revisiting the site to fix errors?



We’re very excited to announce the release of a brand new software package for designers, built and optimized for the work you do every day! Collecting accurate building measurements is a vital stage in any architectural and interior design project.
ARCHLine.XP now offers a brand new solution for architects and interior designers:
From the measurement (OrthoGraph) up to the completed floor plan and 3D rendering (ARCHLine.XP).

Step 1: OrthoGraph
Use your iPhone or iPad to measure rooms precisely on site. No need for old fashioned measuring tool kit. Get rid of pencils, papers, clipboards. You may connect your iPhone or iPad to a compatible laser distance meter. All measured data shows up directly on your screen, you won't need another colleague to help with survey anymore, so you can work even faster. All data will be collected and you are able to e-mail or upload them to Dropbox exporting to ARCHLine.XP. As a result you can leave the site with an accurately measured floor plan.
Step 2: ARCHLine.XP
Open the surveyed floor plan in ARCHLine.XP in your office. You have a completed, built-up 3D model. No need to import DWG or redraw everything from scratch.  Just continue the creative part of your design in ARCHLine.XP such as finishing, furnishing, lighting and CGI. Your project is ready and contains 2D Drawing & Documentation, 3D Visualization, High Quality rendering images, Consignation. Just in a few minutes.
Speed up your work, enhance your productivity, get rid of the tiresome and boring part of your job!

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