The 4 Season's Mood Board Competition

Summer competition winner Mood Board designed by Mr. Gergő Sándor!
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We love it when interior designers play around with moodboards - it all looks so arty,imaginative and creative!

For both beginners and advanced users to apply with Mood Boards created in ARCHLine.XP according to the actual season!The winner will be the one with the most likes on our Facebook page

Formal and technical requirements
The competition is based on a project that meets the following criteria:
The Mood Board must be created with ARCHLine.XP 2015 design software.
One Mood Board has to includ minimum 10 different items.
One designer may apply with maximum 3 recognizably different in content A4 size mood board.
We will create an image gallery of the mood boards sent for the competition on the official Facebook page of ARCHLine.XP and here all visitors can see the images and vote.
You can send the final images using the following link: n
During the contest period CadLine Network Ltd. provides the usage of Non-Profit version of ARCHLine.XP Professional 2015 software for every candidate!
Please contact us if your TRIAL software is expired or you are using earlier versions of ARCHLine.XP software. DOWNLOAD
Help to use ARCHLine.XP Mood Board:

The command you will find in ARCHLine.XP  in the top menu bar: click on the interior menu

Tutorial Video


Please send the Mood Boards to the   e-mail address, with the name of the Designer and the subjec is"The 4 season's Mood Board".


The winner mood board will be the most liked mood board by the public on our official Facebook page
Announcement of the winners
The results of the competition will be announced: 1st February  2016
on the official Facebok page of ARCHLine.XP and also on the official homepage of ARCHLine.XP. (
Promoter reserves the right to publish the winner's name, submitted work. The competition is valid when minimum five candidate's application is received.
Privacy Policy
All the submitted information is voluntary during the competition. The data is kept confidential. By submitting plans the applicant agrees that CadLine Network Ltd. can publish the applicants work on its websites and publications without permission while indicating the applicant’s name. Subject to quality and the number of submitted works, CadLine Network Ltd. reserves the right to change.

When publishing the images CadLine Network Ltd. will indicate the name of the applicant.

Spring competition winner Mood Board designed by Tünde Von Bartheld!
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Winter Winner Mood Board of the "The 4 season's Mood Board" competition!
The winner is the one with the most likes on our Facebook page. Designed by Dora Gergely 
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Autumn Winner Mood Board of the "The 4 season's Mood Board" competition!
The winner is the one with the most likes on our Facebook page. Designed by Edina Mezovari
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From this fall every season we will announce "The 4 season's Mood Board" competition!


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