Still a draftsman? Does your drawing need to get technical?

Still a draftsman? Does your drawing need to get technical?
What advantages do 3D computer graphics have over technical drawings?

Do you still draw your plans by hand?
Would you like to see your drawings or plans in 3D?
Reflecting on the change? Don’t you know how to get started?

Send us your hand designed plans and we will create your ideas with our ARCHLine.XP Interior software.
We will send back the ready photorealistic project to you and will explain the method how we created your hand drawing plan into 3D.
Upload your images here:

The conditions of the application:

  • One person shall apply with only one project per competition with maximum 5 pictures,
  • premises shall be max. 20 sqm.

Subject to the number and quality of works we receive, CadLine Network Ltd. reserves the right to change.

Check out the accomplished renderings in the gallery, click the following link:

Deadline of the application:
30th of November

Due to the nature of the tender we are expecting the work of designers who do not have ARCHLine.XP designer software.

We publish the prepared renderings on Facebook and our website with the name and on demand the contact of the applicant, therefore prestigious works can be available not only to colleagues but also to a wider audience, which provides an excellent publicity for the creator.

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