ARCHLine.XP Interior - New course in University of California, Riverside

ARCHLine.XP   ARCHline XP course has started from Apr. 1 in University of California, Riverside

LOS ANGELES, US (1 April 2013) - We are thrilled to announce a new ARCHLine.XP Interior introductory course in Los Angeles, California with Roberta Maxwell-Long.

The course is part of the UCR Interior Design Certificate Program.

Course Number: ART X461.40

"This is an introductory course designed to teach you how to create basic computer generated floor plans and detailed 3D renderings using ARCHLine.XP software. This software has an interior design component which was designed specifically for the experienced and novice interior designer . The class will demonstrate the capabilities of the software and teach you how to render a fully furnished kitchen, bathroom and living room. You will also learn general universal CAD commands which will add to your professional development and skill set. "

Please visit the website for more details:

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