Welcome to the inspiring world of Orac Decor®!

ARCHLine.XP Showroom – Orac Décor® profiles
ARCHLine.XP Showroom – Orac Décor® profiles

Enhance your design with chic and stylish profiles from Orac Decor®!

Ceiling decoration:
Ceilings can look surprisingly beautiful. Discover how you can give a room the true grandeur it deserves with cornice mouldings, ceiling tiles and rosettes. Simple and sleek or with a touch of baroque: the collection has it all.

Floor profiles:
Without skirting, the transition from floor to wall looks unfinished and bare and allows walls to be easily damaged. Skirting is more than just decoration. It protects the wall, hides cracks and sometimes also covers expansion areas for parquet floors.

Take a few minutes to join us and watch this video, which will demonstrate how fast and easy is with ARCHLine.XP design software to download and use the Orac Decor® profiles directly from our online Showroom.

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