Picture of the year 2012

Designed by: Indira Wisepart

Congratulations to Indira Wisepart, winner of our 2012 Picture of the Year competition.

Indira Wisepart created an amazing warm, chic and stylish flat using ARCHLine.XP Interior with its integrated Lightworks rendering engine.

"The brief for this city space that I created using the software Archline.XP with its integrated Lightworks renderer called for a neutral and modern but cosy and warm scheme. My focus was to achieve clean lines and an interesting decor . I kept the decor simple and neutral but used textures, patterns and geometric elements to create an effect and keep it interesting. I used a black chandelier in the main living space and the black pendant lamps in the dining area because it added a layer of decorative element to the room. I used the dramatic abstract art to create a visual impact. I wanted the eye to be drawn to something interesting on the ceilings and the walls rather than the white paint and I was pleased to have achieved that with the choice of lighting and art. The dining area was an important part of the brief, so I had a magnificently large laid table and kept it as a focal point. The plants, flowers and wooden log all contributed in keeping the warm appeal of the flat. Using Archline.XP with its integrated Lightworks renderer is an amazing tool because I only receive a 2D flat plan with a brief but I am able to create spectacular realistic 3D visuals that feel lived in." - Indira Wisepart

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