ARCHLine.XP 2016 Troubleshooting

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Build 392 (Released Version)


  • Fixing the 3D Warehouse downloading error.
  • Bug fix: drawing refreshing error after exiting from the Room wizard dialogue.
  • Bug fix: modified project material saving problem.
  • Bug fix: Raster image - Save as material - category and subcategory was not saved.
  • Bug fix: opening direction representation in 3D did not work.
  • Bug fix: certain hatches caused crash at file opening or DWG import.
  • Modification: Attach Photo/description function has changed to Attach photo. Now you can attach only one photo without any desrcription.
  • New option in Add-on menu - Quantity take-off - Building: Export BIM parameters.
  • Bug fix: project material listing error in the Design Center.
  • Bug fix: when you modified a material property, wrong preview could appear for the texture image.
  • Fixing some reported file opening errors.
  • Bug fix: in some cases file saving was interrupted at exit with saving.
  • Bug fix: 3DS file import with long pathname could crash.
  • Poor image resolution might appear in the drawing windows when you changed from DirectX9 to DirectX11 and Max. raster image size (pixels) field remained empty on the File menu - Options - Graphics page in Presentation settings group.
  • Bug fix: Surveyed room - door transformed into group.
  • Bug fix: Filtering for material brands does not work because of non-categorized materials.
  • Bug fix: layer statuses can randomly switch on/off during the execution of macros.
  • Bug fix: in certain cases objects jump away after opening and closing the object properties dialog.

Build 355 (Released Version)


  • Bug fix: Slow program starting problem.
  • File menu - Options - Graphics - Build 3D model - Keep 3D of this project updated option is saved into the project.
  • Bug fix: Vectorial section view in 3D with hidden lines - contour lines were not visible.
  • Introduction of "Delete tiling" command in the local menu for surfaces that have been covered by drag and drop material As painting, As tiling etc. So far it was available only with the Interior menu - Tiling - Delete tiling command.
  • Room book wainscoting does not cover the holes in a slab.
  • Bug fix: Roof : Valley does not appear at the connection line of roof and dormer roof.
  • Bug fix: Beam : Hole disappears in the the edit dialog when floor level option is on.
  • Corpus, corpus panel, countertop : the content of Description field appears as Product ID in the consignation (Add on - Quantity take-off - Interior Design Consignation).
  • Create new material - when you browse for the texture file, the program remembers to the previously selected directory so you can easily create materials in series when you have the texture files in the same directory.
  • Bug fix: Wall : Wall connection problem - wall connection depends on the drawing direction.
  • Bug fix: Room book : Illumination area and ratio is not editable manually
  • Bug fix: Design Center : Changing views - section window view is changed instead of an axonometry view window.
  • Bug fix: Wall niche style setting is not applied when we use the Set drop-down list.
  • Bug fix: Multiple lamps local menu - Reset custom lamps command started an infinite loop.
  • Bug fix: Surveyed room - door transformed into group.
  • Bug fix: Filtering for material brands does not work because of non-categorized materials.
  • Bug fix: layer statuses can randomly switch on/off during the execution of macros.
  • Bug fix: in certain cases objects jump away after opening and closing the object properties dialog.


Build 320 (Released Version)


  • Bug fix: Autosave did not work when the project was saved in ARCHLine.XP 2015 format.
  • Bug fix: projects have been converted into ARCHLine.XP 2015 format whithout user interaction.
  • Bug fix: crash because of extremely small hatch spacing is eliminated.
  • Bug fix: horizontal tile grout value has been reset to zero when you used the Redistribute tiles command.
  • Development: Light solid radius can be specified for a light source. In case of linear light sources this setting can prevent the appearance of unwanted lights.
  • Bug fix: possible crashes when you edit light sources are eliminated.

Build 307 (Released Version)


  • Bux fix: saving of soft furnishing elements in ARCHLine.XP 2015 project format caused losing some properties.
  • Fixing the following problem: Videocard detecton on Mac may caused crash at startup.
  • Fix: Some element types (like plain ceiling) had no "Show in 3D" option in the popmenu.
  • Bug fix: file opening may run into infinite cycle.
  • Resolved: 0005817: Dimension : Area dimensioning - area value is multiplied on the plot layout.
  • Print to PDF with our internal PDF printer: a warning message comes when the drawing includes image with transparent cutout.

Build 301 (Released Version)


  • DirectX11 representation errors from Build 279 are fixed.
  • Slab: it is possible to define rectangle shape by Rectangle subcommand in the floating menu.
  • Niche in the wall: when you move a niche in the wall, overhanging is enabled.
  • Tiling properties dialog  Tile height, Tile height from the tiling level fields are fixed .
  • MTEXTUR: downloading tiles from web site has changed - updated download and open command.
  • Sprite definition errors are fixed.
  • Elevation on floor plan : dimension unit is taken from the actual length unit (File menu - Options - Units and angles - Length).
  • Fixes and modifications in the graphics driver checking at program startup:
      Warning comes only for driver datum before 2012.01.01.
      Links to the most commond graphics driver suppliers are provided in the warning message dialog.
      Graphics driver checking is an option in the File menu - Options - Graphics - Presentation settings - Alert me if video drivers are older than recommended.
  •  New marker feature: Ctrl + long click = copy command.
  • Resolved: 0005801: Hatch : Wall hatching problem when you insert nodes in one side of the wall.
  • Quantity take-off - Building - Stair cell data are formatted as number instead of text.
  • New command for realigning materials of objects with wrong texture UV mapping: Object local menu - Re-align texture.
  • Development of .obj export: elements are exported separately and not as a single large object.
  • Development of door/window consignation on request: square consignation boundary is available.
  • Rendering: Background image brightness can be set from 
      5 Darker, for interior scene
     100 Lighter, for exterior scene
  • Change in the Save as ARCHLine.XP 2015 format command.Now if you save the project in ARCHLine.XP 2015 format in ARCHLine.XP 2016, this is indicated in the window header by 2015 in brackets. After that, if you save the project again, it will keep the ARCHLine.XP 2015 format.
  • New command for OBJ import: systemdialog import obj
  • 3DS export files are more compatible with 3D Studio Max.
  • Bug fix: In some cases, because of graphics driver problems, changing from DirectX11 representation to DirectX9 failed because ARCHline crashes at closing the program. 

Build 279 (Released Version)


  • Bug fix: Hatching in the background stopped unless you moved the mouse cursor.
  • Bug fix: incomplete Sketchup export.
  • Make 3D dialog - Only the number of surfaces information appears in the dialog.
  • Bug fix - Dimension text size changes when you mirrored a window.
  • Bug fix - DWG import : Graphics driver crashed at DWG import.