Mojca Valant, architect
eDisti Slovenia

3D modeliranje in oblikovanje pohištva v ARCHLine.XP / 3D modeling and furniture design in ARCHLine.XP

Presentation starts at 2021-03-24 16:00

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Country Language Subtitle
Slovenia Slovenian English
  • 2D skiciranje in dimenzioniranje pohištva
  • Osnove oblikovanja in modeliranje posamičnih elementov
  • Ustvarjanje profilov z orodjem Loft
  • Razumevanje orodja Smart object in kreiranje blazin
  • Združevanje elementov v sestavljen model
  • Drawing basics, 2D sketching tools and dimensioning
  • The fundamentals of furniture design, creating pieces of furniture
  • Creating profiles with loft tool
  • Understanding Smart object tool, the upholstered part of furniture
  • Creating assembled objects

What you will learn about: