Even if the building is small, several stakeholders need to work together when it's being built. Wannes Malaise, a draftsman from Belgium tells about his experiences using BIM workflow to manage this project, and ease communication with co-designers.

Designer Touches (UK) creates projects which are the combination of luxurious style and effortless elegance. Read their story on how they used ARCHLine.XP for their latest task - a home extension project.

ARCHLine.XP is great at handling historical buildings. See how a historical building's renovation was done using the software. Special thanks to architect Laszlo Farsang.

The saying goes, ‘You know a good thing when you see it’ That can be said of ARCHLine.XP. Listen to Nicholas Sunderland of NS Interiors about how we uses our software for better designer-client communication.

Gabor Scholtz architect, ARCHLine.XP user talks about his profession and passion - creating the living environment of families. Read his thoughts on the challanges of his profession, and take a look at his gallery of amazing projects.