Interior design benefits

Special tool for implementing interior design projects, intended for interior designers, decorators, and interior stylists. An all-in-one, easy-to-use tool for designing furniture, kitchens, bathrooms, and living spaces from floor plans to photorealistic rendering.

Mood board

Create digital mood boards to showcase the visual directions of your plan. Boost up your presentations with eye-catching collages featuring images of the colors, materials, and furniture pieces used in the project, already in the early stages!

Advanced cabinet editor

ARCHLine.XP includes all the tools necessary to design kitchen furniture (or any storage furniture, cupboards, cabinets, dressers, etc.). You can use a customizable corpus as a starting element, adjusting its dimensions, panels, and dividers individually. You can add custom furniture fronts created with the Cabinet door tool developed for this purpose.

Tile module

An intuitive tool for designing the placement of tiles and coverings. By creating tiling styles, you can easily select and place the desired tiling on the surface in 2D or even 3D.

Stucco and moldings

With an extensive module dedicated to creating decorative stuccoes and moldings, you can quickly and automatically insert moldings into all rooms of the project based on any profile.


Lighting greatly influences the atmosphere of each room. The use of natural or artificial lighting can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of the space. Advanced tools in ARCHLine.XP assist in correctly visualising lighting.

Lighting plan

This feature helps create lighting plans by associating switches and lamps. The lighting plan displays the wiring as 2D lines. The symbolic representation of the lamps enables a uniform layout of the floor plan.

Curtains, blinds

The curtain panel contains various types of curtains and their settings (e.g., pleats, pelmet, etc.). Enhance the room's ambiance with realistic curtains, roman blinds, venetian-, or vertical blinds!

Full documentation

Create detailed documentation for your projects! Easily place dimensions, sections, and wall views with just a few clicks!

Compatibility with many file formats

You can import and export numerous 2D and 3D file formats: DWG, IFC, SKP, OBJ, RVT, and many more. Directly download objects from Trimble 3D Warehouse into your library, which you can then easily place in your project.