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For requests of any kind -

Call us on business days from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm:

00 36-1/388-97-33

Help - F1

The Manual can be found in ARCHLine.XP under the Help menu supporting your work.
The Help is an environment sensitive tool, meaning if you press “F1” during a command then the corresponding guidance appears.
It is also possible to use Search.

Online support - Quick support - max. 15 min/day

In case of purchasing ARCHLine.XP Licence, you get free support for the first year. If you have an annual maintenance agreement, you are entitled to online support for one calendar year. In any other cases you will be charged for the provided support. Price list see below.
Our experienced consultants are available to help you at the highest level, in order to achieve that high speed internet connection is required.
Live connection between client’s and consultant’s computers can be established by using Skype or TeamViewer applications.
It is strongly recommended you to book an appointment in advance.
The Online Support service is available only for once a day (max. 15 mins) on business days between 8.00 am and 4.00 pm.


Contact your consultant via phone or Skype.
At ARCHLine.XP's Help menu click on TeamViewer. Allow it to make changes on your device.

In the pop-up window Your ID and the password appear, please tell them to your consultant.
After successful connection the online consultation can be started.
Do not close the application until the support ends.


You can use your free Skype account to get help from your consultant when it is need. Here you can also show your screen via screen-sharing.
For this the following steps are needed:
Download Skype for free.
Install it on your device and register. (This way you will get your own Skype™ account.)
Search for your consultant's Skype ID and add him/her to your contact list.

Sending projects and large-size files

If it is necessary to send your project to the consultant during the support, we recommend to use one of the following sharing services: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or WeTransfer.

Further help in the software

Using the software, tool tips show up when you move the cursor on to different items and stay there for few seconds. Please always follow the instructions of the Information bar. It constantly informs you about the state of the commands just running.

Further help on the web

Watch our Video tutorials page that provide detailed technical help in several different subjects, starting from the first steps to professional work with the software. Further help can be found at our Helping tips page.

Training prices

Consult our price list for the individual training fees.