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To expand and strengthen our sales channels we are looking for partners, who can not only reach our software target group effectively, but also have the resources to provide support in using our products. Be part of our team and ensure expertise and highly specific tools in architecture and interior design.

Stay competitive in a rapidly changing market. Offer your clients a program where projects are delivered in BIM from the concept stage to construction.

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Our ARCHLine.XP Product Family
Affordable BIM solution for professionals wanting to work in 3D.
A complete BIM solution for projects where powerful features and high-quality visualised images are required.
Easy-to-use, affordable building visualization software. Easily turn 3D designs into vibrant, moving interactive crawls, videos and high-quality images.
Target: small AEC offices
Target: architectural and interior design offices
Target: ARCHLine.XP users, and combined with LT, any AEC office
ARCHLine.XP in numbers
  • Over 15.000 users globally:
    Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Poland, Hungary, Portugal, Brazil, Taiwan, Korea and many more
  • Our products support 14 languages
  • All development in-house
  • Independence from other companies
  • 100+ tutorial videos, webinars and other broadcasts/year

What we offer for you
  • Competitive and affordable product
  • Permanent license - high demand in the market
  • Subscription plan
  • High commission after the sale of products
  • Support from us to help you become quickly successful (e.g. training)
  • Collaboration in development - your feedback is important to us
What we expect from you
  • Realistic sales commitments and business growth targets
  • Search sales opportunities and promote ARCHLine.XP actively
  • Knowledge of CAD/BIM software
  • Motivate and involve your team to sell our software
  • Support and hotline in your country
Interested in becoming our partner and selling ARCHLine.XP software?

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