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How can you become a confident user?
Discover our courses where you can master the knowledge of the ARCHLine.XP program at preliminary, intermediate, and advanced levels with the help of ONLINE materials.
What will you learn about?
ARCHLine.XP is a highly effective and easy-to-learn CAD/BIM software for interior designers, interior architects, architects, and furniture designers. The program provides designers with all the features necessary to create truly stunning designs.

During the Prelimimary course, you will gain an overview of the program's fundamental functions and design tools. You will be able to independently create a model of a small apartment, along with the design documentation and visual plans.

With the Intermediate course, you can deepen your basic knowledge and become capable of creating complex designs. You will gain insight into the world of architectural design, learn about furniture design, materials, textures, colors, and how to create realistic render images.

The Advanced course offers comprehensive knowledge of using the software. Through workshops, you can learn why layers are necessary for clear design, how to create custom door and window models, generate lighting plans, apply design phases, or design curtain walls, suspended ceilings, and frame wall structures. Finally, but not least, you will learn how to collaborate with other designers.

The Architectural modeling course is for those who want to explore the architectural side of ARCHLine.XP. During the workshops, you will learn what architectural plan processing involves, how to create listings, detailed design documentation, and how to construct the building's environment, including topography. By the end of the course, you will be able to independently create complete architectural design documentation.
These courses are for you if:
  • You want to learn a high-level CAD/BIM software.
  • You are an interior designer, interior architect, or architect looking to work with a professional CAD/BIM software.
  • You have not yet found an easily usable and affordable CAD/BIM program.
They are not for you if
  • You want to study interior design or architecture as a profession. You will not be learning interior design or architecture but rather how to use a CAD/BIM software to create professional interior design or architectural models, visual plans, and design documentation.
What do you need to complete the course?
  • A computer capable of running ARCHLine.XP, technical details can be found in the system requirements.
  • ARCHLine.XP 2023 software.
  • The workshop projects used during the course - you can always download the installation kit from the course website.