Third Party Apps

ZWCAD 23 or 24 - ARCHLINE.XP 2024 Plugin

2024. 02. 20.

ZWCAD and ARCHLine.XP offer outstanding CAD to BIM conversion services to AEC professionals, facilitating accurate building modeling and documentation for construction. 

ARCHLine.XP 2023 IPC Client

2023. 03. 01.

Installs the IPC client application that can be used to communicate with ARCHLine.XP 2023. The installer contains a sample Windows Form application too.

Sentinel System Driver Installer 7.6.1.

2022. 04. 27.

USB driver installer for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows. This driver installation is necessary for the Sentinel USB key you use with ARCHLine.XP. Windows 11 support was added to this version.

DirectX Web installer

2012. 04. 02.

You need this installer if you haven't installed the newer DirectX components you need for the running of ARCHLine.XP. Start the downloaded dxwebsetup.exe file and follow instruction of the installer. You need a live internet connection to complete the installation successfully.

Sentinel System Driver Cleanup Utility (Win64)

2008. 12. 10.

This application completely removes the Sentinel System Driver. Use it to get a fresh start if you experience problems with the driver installation. You can use it only on Windows 64-bit platforms. Extract the downloaded SSDCleanup-64_1.2.0.5.rar file into a folder and start SSDCleanupx64.exe from this folder.

Hardlock key tester application

2008. 12. 10.

With the help of this small tester application you can check the availability of the hardware key you got for ARCHLine.XP. Starting the application, a small dialog appears. In this dialog you are informed if you have the appropriate USB key or parallel key driver installed. Please install the appropriate driver first if you see that you haven't got the driver installed. Clicking the OK button, a narrow dialog appears with a flickering text. If the hardware key is not recognized by the tester application, the color of the flickering text will be black and you can see only the Test menu. If the hardware key is recognized, the color of the flickering text will be green and you can see both the Text and the Serial menus. Clicking the Serial menu, a new dialog appears with essential information about the hardware key (serial number, number of users, version).