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It is our pleasure to showcase Eszter Gellén’s interior design graduation project. 

CadLine Ltd. is proud to provide educational institutions with ARCHLine.XP, thus allowing aspiring interior design graduates to turn their ideas into design. These graduates create entirely new experiences and relationships between people and places. 


About Eszter Gellén
I graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I worked as a structural engineer for nearly 10 years, and then I stayed in the construction industry to gain experience as a product developer and product manager.

I was introduced to Archline XP during an interior design course. As I have mastered the use of several CAD programs in the past, I quickly understood the principles and possibilities of its operation. In my previous work, I had always dealt with the structure of the building, and here I was able to expand my capabilities with creative content. It is an excellent aid to maximise practicality alongside design. The program is very clear and easy to use. It gives designers the tools to do a wide range of work.

Eszter Gellén

Chartered Civil Engineer
Interior designer



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