Tiling representation on floorplan

Usually, there are two questions in relation to tiling layout on the floorplan, unfortunately the answers are not straightforward.

Let’s clarify them now.

We placed the tiling on the floor and we want to keep its’ layout. Choose “Close” command instead of “Close and delete tiling”.

This way the tiling layout will remain on the floorplan.
This is very important as we give this document to the tiler. However, we should know two things:

1. What determines the color of the line to draw the tiling layout?

Answer: The replacement color’s properties of the tiling material. If this is too light we suggest to change this setting.

2. How can we modify the thickness of the drawing line, which is used by the program?

Answer: Tiling layout is drawn with that line width which is given from the command group Toolbox Drafting-Drafting properties- Lines”.

Line width appears differently on screen and printed version.
The screen appearance is also determined by the “Line weights scale” within the “Graphic settings” at "Property Grid".


This setting also determines the visibility of the grout.