Check out what's new in ARCHLine.XP LIVE 2020!
Animated People, Vehicles, Objects
ARCHLine.XP LIVE 2020 is shipped with ready-to-use high quality motion capture animated human assets to help increasing the realism of your visuals. You can draw animation paths for the human characters and they will start walking or running based on the selected animation or if you prefer they can also start a conversation. 

Place a vehicle in the model, draw a path and set up movement speed. That's all you need to populate the streets of your visuals in a few steps.
A huge step forward in tracking changes to architect and interior design plans is the LiveSync feature, which allows the changes made in ARCHLine.XP 2020 design software to be synchronized with ARCHLine.XP LIVE 2020 archviz animation software with a single click.
Camera effects
FoV, Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and White balance can be set for any chosen camera. These professional effects appear automatically and can be set individually for each and every single camera, which allows you to prepare several alternative versions from the same viewpoint. You can also apply the settings of one camera to all the others with one click.
Camera date & time
Each camera registers its own date and time setting. This means that you can easily take two shots from the same viewpoint with different date and time settings, one for day time and one for a night time shot. You can also apply the date and time settings of one camera to all the others with one click.
Update all views
All changes of the model can be simply updated to all snapshots using the "Update all views" button. One click only and after a few seconds you can send the latest updated versions of all visuals to your clients.
Depth of Field & AutoFocus
DoF is a quality tool to drive focus to the most important parts if a visual, should that be a still image or an animated sequence. It mimics the behavior of professional cameras. The AF option handles focus automatically and you do not even need to set focus manually for your shots.
There are new, high quality, parametric lamps available in the built-in LIVE Library ready to use..
Compatibility with previous versions
ARCHLine.XP LIVE 2020 can be used with ARCHLine.XP design software versions 2019 & 2020 as well. meaning that all complete models, objects, lamps or materials can be transfered to LIVE 2020 from these versions of the design software the same exact way. However the tight LiveSync connection is only available between ARCHLine.XP 2020 & ARCHLine.XP LIVE 2020.
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