New reseller in Belgium and the Netherlands

Wannes Malaise hails from Antwerpen, and delivers architectural drafting services to local clients. He took it upon his company, Ornata Design, to start promoting ARCHLine.XP, the professional design software. His efforts will not only mean that ARCHLine.XP will become a more available tool for local architects and interior designers, but also that our online materials will also be provided in Belgian and Dutch.

We welcome Ornata Design among the ranks of our reseller partners. We trust that our collaboration will bring ARCHLine.XP to many design offices, and as a result, amazing projects will born.

Get in touch with our new partner if you are looking for a much more local, hands-on support.

Ornata Design
26 Pastorijveld
2180 Ekeren (Antwerp)
Local ARCHLine.XP website here

You can learn about Wannes' skills here