Alexandra Szabados - Graduation project with ARCHLine.XP

It is our pleasure to showcase Alexandra Szabados’s Interior design graduation project. 


We are proud to present works of interior design graduates. CadLine Ltd. allowed transforming their ideas into experiences by providing ARCHLine.XP Design software for educational institutions. Students were able to create entirely new experiences and relationships between people and places. 


About Alexandra Szabados:

"Why B.A.D.? Because there is no BAD idea"

Not just an apartment, it’s a feeling of life!

Style and fashion have always been with me throughout my life. Although I have lived my life as a stewardess above the clouds, difficulties and restrictions due to CoVID outbreak have opened up new perspectives for me. In September 2021, I passed my interior design exam, so my imagination is now free to fly. I like to live my life at 120% speed, which is reflected in my work. My goal as an interior designer is to give each of my clients the feeling of life that only a perfectly composed home can give. 

Customer expectations and family model:
A couple in their mid-forties moves into the apartment with their teenage daughter. They are satisfied with the underfloor heating system, but they want to hide it aesthetically. The couple wants to open up the narrow spaces in the apartment and completely redefine the spaces. The flooring should be replaced with wooden parquet or granite tiles everywhere.

Their living conditions have changed due to COVID, making it necessary to work from home. The husband is a web designer the wife is a translator. They would like to have an office where they can work in calm conditions. The family is sporty, lead a relaxed lifestyle and have many friends. They usually organize big dinner parties for their friends, so I had to design a living and dining room suitable for these occasions. They do not insist on a single style, the needs assessment shows that Scandinavian, modern and Japanese styles are close to their heart.


Alexandra Szabados

Interior Designer


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