Case studies

"Bathroom of the Year 2024" Special Award

Designer: Erzsébet Hegedűs
Special Award winner of the "Bathroom of the Year 2024" competition by HOMEINFO and LOSZ.


I graduated as an interior designer in 2023. Thanks to the school's modern, innovative approach to education, I was introduced to the ARCHLine.XP design software, which I have been using since 2021. Designing bathrooms and kitchens presents the real challenge for me because functionality is just as important as aesthetics in these spaces.



In this competition, my imagination could roam freely without spatial or financial constraints. I feel that it is not only the interior design that is important, but also the harmony with the environment.

Inspiration came from Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater house and the following quote: „Decide what feelings a space should evoke, not just how it should look. If you know what feelings you want to create, the entire interior design process can be easier. You have to furnish differently if you want a calm, quiet room compared to if you want an energetic, cheerful space. Imagine walking through the door and try to articulate the feelings that fill the room!" – (Emily Henderson)

The photorealistic rendering was created with ARCHLine.XP 2023.