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A Modernistic Underground Family House - ARCHLine.XP LIVE

Designer Betty Doka about ARCHLine.XP LIVE: "Huge thanks for the LIVE developer team for making my everyday design tasks simpler. This is the way for me to deliver quick and professional results to my clients”






A Modernistic Underground Family House

The owner of this plot of land asked me to design a house, which is equipped with every available aspects of luxury, and furnished with contemporary materials. There was only one requirement: 95% of the building has to be underground. This is how this underground house came to be: the plot is 19.000 m2, the building area is 390m2. Thanks to LIVE, I could create an amazing lifelike project, to show how the exterior and anterior will look like.


Exterior Livingroom Bedroom


Dóka Betty

Interior&Visual designer