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Bring Nature into Your Home!

Interior design graduation project by Anna Csuta-Fekete.

How to turn your home into an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  


I am Ancsa Csuta-Fekete. Currently, I work in the pharmaceutical industry as a quality assurance professional. Besides interior design, traveling is my hobby. My husband and I strive to explore as many countries as possible, but we also frequently roam the hiking trails of Hungary. There is no creativity in my work, everything has to follow strict rules (there is a parallel with interior design), but I have always had a desire to create. Although I didn't move and repaint my furniture as a child, it was always important to me to have a well-created corner in my room, even if it was just a small table with a few emotionally important objects. The fulfillment came when we bought our house, I was given a blank canvas on which I could dream whatever I wanted. After that, I decided it was time to enter the profession, and graduated as an interior designer in June 2023. This is where I was introduced to ARCHLine.XP, which I love for its user-friendliness. I design private homes and small offices and public buildings.



Project description:

The task in my comprehensive interior design graduation project was to plan a two-story building with residential and service functions. My clients are a young couple in their 30s with a 4-year-old son. The husband is an international lawyer, and the wife is a professional translator and interpreter. The client's requirements included a large communal area, a spacious kitchen, a master bedroom solely for sleeping, along with a walk-in wardrobe and a bathroom. A laundry room was also needed, as well as a guest room with a separate bathroom and an office for the husband to comfortably work from home. The living area, which is the home of a family of four, is located on the ground floor, ensuring a connection to the garden. The family's entrepreneurial space is situated on the upper floor, connected to a café and art gallery. To meet the specified requirements, a minimal modification of the apartment's layout was necessary for optimal usability. A spacious communal area was created due to frequent guest hosting. The kitchen, dining room, and living room are situated in the same open space, allowing the gathering of a larger crowd during events. I designed the spacious dining and living areas on the southwestern side of the house with garden access, ensuring that the terrace can be opened up to the house during garden parties, thus expanding the communal area. The bedrooms are arranged in a group to the left of the entrance. I designed a spacious bathroom with a bathtub for the children and a bathroom with a shower for the parents in their bedroom. The husband's home office, the family's hobby room, and the guest room with a bathroom are located on the right side of the house, which is well-separated from the family's intimate zone.





For the home, I chose the biophilic style. I used a lot of natural materials to create the style, such as solid wood, wool carpets, linen materials. In addition to using natural materials, I also brought in natural forms with the herringbone pattern tiles and the hexagonal tiles. I was inspired by the colours of the sea. The colour of the oak parquet is reminiscent of a sandy beach. The walls of the rooms are white, which provides a good backdrop for the shades of green and blue. I brought nature and the sea into the interior through wallpaper patterns and numerous plants. The main attraction of the living room is a custom-made living plant wall integrated between bookshelves. Throughout the living space, I used uniform solid oak parquet flooring to create unity. For the wet rooms, I designed polished concrete floors.


Anna Csuta-Fekete

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