Case studies

Historical Building Renovation Using CAD

ARCHLine.XP is great at handling historical buildings. See how a historical building's renovation was done using the software. Special thanks to architect Laszlo Farsang.

ARCHLine.XP user Laszlo Farsang:

"I had been looking with professional interest at our village church for some time and was wondering how to develop it in ARCHLline.XP design software with which I work every day. Then the opportunity came. The parish won the contest and received funding to renovate the church. As a condition they had to present an approval document of the proposed work and I eagerly began the preparation of the 3D model in ARCHLine.XP.

I tried to do my best with the software to create what I could define in 3D. After the drawings and floor plans have been easily created, each plan will create 3D renderings and it's possible to view the finished proposal only on the basis of well-defined 3D models.

The project revealed some interesting details

- For example, the crypt is located under the sanctuary, overlooking the entrance, with one crypt length sticking out from the rest. The first explanation that came to mind: the monks buried there certainly were very tall man.

- When I created the levels and pulled one under the other, it was found that the crypt extends into the foundation of a triumphal arch, and therefore did not fit into the grave, something not easily seen before

- There were some structural solutions to the construction that amazed people. The tension of the lateral arches offset resolved so that the church has no space connecting iron, and today (after two hundred years) is still working very well.

A project like this seems like time travelling as you delve into the detail and recreate.

Therefore, in the animation I built up the environment as it was once, and you will see on the north side of the church was once the cemetery.

For the animation I use an external software.

Making the visualization and animation is the other area I enjoy and get great pleasure in my job."

Laszlo Farsang
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