Home Extension with ARCHLine.XP

Designer Touches (UK) creates projects which are the combination of luxurious style and effortless elegance. Read their story on how they used ARCHLine.XP for their latest task - a home extension project.

Designer Touches Interiors was formed in 1999, and is specialized in luxury residential and commercial projects. Our personal yet professional approach ensures that our design service is tailor made to meet each of our individual client's needs, creating luxurious homes that are both beautiful yet practical. This design philosophy has led us to craft many exquisite interior spaces for our UK and international clients.

Regarding the project you see below, we had previously designed two bedrooms for our client, as well as a rental property they owned, and so when they decided to extend their home, they engaged us once again. ARCHLine.XP really helped our clients understand how they would be using the space and get the most from the extension.

The most complicated area was the feature fireplace, which was to house a bespoke mirror TV as well as a gas fireplace. By creating the models and using ARCHLine.XP, we were easily able to communicate our designs to our client, but also to the company who were making the fireplace and to the contractors on site.

By realising the project in 3D we were able to make additional suggestions to our client such as removing a stud wall on the landing to open up the space and bring more light into the area.

Thanks to ARCHLine.XP and the rendering capabilities it enabled us to show our clients the difference it would make. We use ARCHLine.XP for every project and all our clients see the benefits. I believe it has been a good investment for our company.

Ellie Hughes
Project Manager

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