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It is our pleasure to showcase Katalin Seregi’s interior design graduation project. 

CadLine Ltd. is proud to provide educational institutions with ARCHLine.XP, thus allowing aspiring interior design graduates to turn their ideas into design. These graduates create entirely new experiences and relationships between people and places. 

About Katalin Seregi
I have been working in international trade fairs for almost 20 years. I participate in the design and implementation of unique exhibition booths. Creativity has been part of my life since my childhood and I have been interested in personalising and transforming spaces since I was young. I regularly advise my friends and acquaintances on the optimal and aesthetic use of space. That is why I wanted to do a course in interior design, which I had the opportunity to do in 2021. During this course, I met the ARCHLINE XP design software. I used this program for my exams and finished the course with a distinguished grade. One of the main aspects of my exam work is to show that a home designed by an interior designer is accessible to everyone.

Katalin Seregi

Interior designer


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