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Krisztina Fuzi - Graduation project with ARCHLine.XP

It is our pleasure to showcase Krisztina Fuzi’s Interior design graduation project.  

We are proud to present works of interior design graduates. CadLine Ltd. allowed transforming their ideas into experiences by providing ARCHLine.XP Design software for educational institutions. Students were able to create entirely new experiences and relationships between people and places. 

About Krisztina Fuzi

I became an interior designer thanks to an unexpected thought. I love creativity, fashion, style and design. The way we live, work and communicate in a space is an integral part of our personality and spirit. Now it is an essential part of my design work. I believe that good design can improve quality of life and overall well-being. The most important for me is to understand how my client wants to feel in their home, in effect this is the base of my projects. I work with Archline.XP to create digital plans alongside manual drawings. I have used the program since I was studying interior design. It simplifies and speeds up the workflow. ARCHLine.XP is also essential for photorealistic renderings, which nowadays is an indispensable presentation tool.


Krisztina Füzi

Interior Designer


Mobile: 06-20-329-79-37
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