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It is our pleasure to showcase Magdolna Szilasi's interior design graduation project. 

CadLine Ltd. is proud to provide educational institutions with ARCHLine.XP, thus allowing aspiring interior design graduates to turn their ideas into design. These graduates create entirely new experiences and relationships between people and places. 

About Magdolna Szilasi
In interior design, I am endlessly fascinated by how to reconcile the capabilities of the home more adequately, and in some cases its limited possibilities, with the needs of the clients, while the chosen style must be perfectly suited to their taste and lifestyle. Despite the fact that designing is, in my opinion, an endless and - let's admit it - a tedious process, you can always find something more exciting than what you already have, and there is always an idea that you think is better, I still find it extremely enjoyable when I think you have found the piece that fits perfectly. 



One of my tasks during the portfolio preparation was the design of a luxurious, yet quiet, all-inclusive property in the centre of Budapest, commissioned by the management of a world-famous actor. The actor will be living alone in the property for an extended period of time due to filming in Hungary.

Magdolna Szilasi

Interior designer


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