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It is our pleasure to showcase Mrs Mariann Neubrandt Hargas’s interior design graduation project. . 

CadLine Ltd. is proud to provide educational institutions with ARCHLine.XP, thus allowing aspiring interior design graduates to turn their ideas into design. These graduates create entirely new experiences and relationships between people and places.

About Mariann Neubrandt Hargas
My life is a creation. As a small child I loved art&craft, as a teenager I loved to go to construction sites. The smell of fresh concrete, and the history and love of buildings led me to university, where I eventually graduated in civil engineering and, surprisingly even for me, in transport (road, rail, geotechnics). Walking on the streets, I was always curious to figure out what a house or a more special flat would look like from the inside. How is it laid out? How many rooms, what kind of rooms could it have? Who might live there? My curiosity is still intense to this day.


A year ago, I decided to learn the other aspect of my dream, interior design, which was postponed a little by work and starting a family. I feel like a world of wonder has opened up for me. I can finally visualise and express what I feel. The project presented here is a part of my exam project created during the one-year course in interior design organised by Kurzus Bt. I got to know ArchLineXP during the course. I enjoyed every minute of the training and designing in the program. 

Mrs Neubrandt Hargas Mariann

Interior designer


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