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Family atmosphere, practical functionality

Interior design graduation project by Anna Eszter Kiss.

A family atmosphere, practical functionality and a nature-inspired design: the home renovation project focused on the home office environment of a marketing manager mother and the needs of her teenage daughter.


In 2018 I started my studies in commerce and marketing, and at the same time I started working in our family business. Our family business focuses on lighting technology, often leading to interior design tasks. Consequently, I realized my passion for this field, and I aspire to continue my main activity in interior design. I enrolled in an interior design course 1 year ago. In my previous projects, I have encountered tasks such as redesigning smaller apartments, setting up offices, and planning family houses. I started learning the ARCHLine.XP program in April this year as part of the course and have been practicing ever since.



Project description:

My clients approached me to plan the renovation of their 3-bedroom apartment. The family consists of three members: two middle-aged parents and a 14-year-old daughter. The Mother works for a marketing company and does her job from home, while the father is a director at a bank. Since my clients plan the renovation for the long term, they specifically requested to create a residence-like space for the daughter, allowing her privacy for personal care, preparation, and storage. They have friends, a closer couple, with whom they often spend evenings chatting and enjoying wine. The mother enjoys cooking, spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Often, her daughter is present, either doing homework in the kitchen or simply chatting with her mother while cooking. The family used to watch films together in the evenings and relax. They love plants and would like to have more nature in their home. Professionally, the biggest challenge in the project was to create a space that is livable and well-utilized with minimal reconstruction and changes. For me, the most useful feature of ARCHLine.XP is that I can immediately see the equipment displayed on the 2D drawings in 3D, in mass.

Design concept:

Entering through the front door, there is a built-in cupboard on the right-hand side, with a small open section to help with unpacking, keys, and storage of hallway items The closed part of the wardrobe accommodates everyday clothes and shoes. Turning left, there is a full-length mirror to make a final check before leaving. In front of it is a decorative and illuminating lamp, and in front of the mirror, there is a pouf to make it easier to put on and take off footwear.

Moving further, on the right-hand side, there is the door to the home office. Upon entering, you face a full-wall built-in cabinet that absorbs paperwork from home work and assists in household storage. The small open section on the right side of the cabinet extends to form a table, where the mother's computer is located for home work. This table is positioned under the window to ensure proper natural light. On the wall opposite the window, there is a decorative picture and a concept-forming light fixture providing local illumination.

Exiting the home office, directly opposite is the entrance to the parents' bedroom. Upon entering, a wall artwork welcomes you. On the right side, there is a built-in wardrobe that absorbs the clothes of both parents, and on the left side is the bed. The lighting around the bed is achieved with unique light fixtures on both sides, providing not only light but also an extra and special effect to the space.

Returning to the hallway, next to the bedroom, there is the larger bathroom of the apartment. Upon entering this room, you face a wall with a full-height mirror on its left side. In front of the mirror, there is a freestanding sink. Additionally, a storage cabinet, also reaching full height, is placed for practical storage solutions. One can enter behind the wall from both sides. On the left side is the toilet, and on the right side are the washer and dryer. Exiting, you can catch a glimpse of the bathtub and the built-in shelf in the wall above it on the door's side.




Exiting the bathroom door, opposite is the entrance to the children's room. Upon entering this door, you face a desk. On the left side, there is a full-height wardrobe with the bed inside. To the right of the table, there is another full-height corner cabinet for storage convenience. On the way out, on the left side, there is a door within the room leading to a private bathroom. Upon entering the bathroom door, you find the toilet opposite, a shower in the right corner, and to the right of the door, there is a sink with drawers and a round mirror.

Exiting the children's room, turning right leads to the living-dining-kitchen area. On the right-hand side is the living room.
On the wall opposite the hallway, there is a full-height cabinet with a TV integrated next to the built-in bioethanol fireplace. Storage options are available on both sides of the cabinet. In front of the cabinet, there is a armchair and two coffee tables. Opposite, you find the sofa for relaxation and spending comfortable time together. Behind the sofa and the wall, there is a larger space where the family's favorite indoor plant can be admired. This plant has its own lighting. The wall behind the sofa is adorned with a special picture, and a swinging shelf aids in storage.

Turning left from the hallway, you find the kitchen and dining area. On the wall opposite, you see the kitchen cabinet, which is framed and reaches the ceiling on both sides, providing sufficient storage space. In front of the kitchen cabinet, there is a round table with four chairs and a unique pendant light above it. On the left side of the kitchen and dining area's wall, there is wooden paneling decorated with LED strips from floor to ceiling for both illumination and decoration. Based on my clients' preferences, we create the apartment following the inspiration of the Nature Engineered trend and John Pawson's fusion of naturalness with minimalism. Earth tones dominate the apartment, and natural materials are favored, combined with minimal style. Both the night and day zone spaces use light colors and wooden materials for harmony and naturalness.

Anna Eszter Kiss

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