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The Intersection of Creativity and Science

Designer: Enikő Éva Várady
Discover how creativity and science come together at the Natural History Museum of Târgu Mures! 


In 2018 I completed a postgraduate program in Historic Preservation Engineering at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca. I have been using the ARCHLine.XP program since 2012. I have attended courses, stayed updated on new features, watched tutorial videos, and found great assistance through remote consultations via TeamViewer. Since 2020, I was involved in various projects, including museum rehabilitation, interior design of exhibition spaces, conceptualization of new museums, and more. 




Project description

I have created the entire exhibition design for the Marosvásárhely Natural Science Museum. The historic building was constructed in the Neoclassical style, and the complete restoration and modernization works were recently completed. The delivery and handover of the furnishings are currently underway.

The building has two floors, and now I present the interior design of the first three rooms on the ground floor.
S1 and S2: Paleontology department and fossils
S3: Fauna of the central section of the Maros River - nature conservation area
S4: Natural landscapes of Mures County in the four seasons. The fauna of the urban environment.

It is the final chapter of an EU-funded project, which required preliminary portfolios containing similar works and using sophisticated software as part of the tendering process.

Every museum project like this one - the fourth for me - entails extensive preparations, during which I learn a lot from consultations with various experts, such as historians, archaeologists, biologists, etc., who provide insights into the exhibition aspects of their collections. At the same time, comprehensive design and branding are integral to the work, including backgrounds, illustrations, and information materials.

Throughout the project, I created numerous custom-designed objects and downloaded many ready-made objects from the 3D Warehouse. Each room had to be designed as a separate project due to the extensive number of elements they contain. Setting up the lighting was the most time-consuming task. I'm delighted with the new rendering engine, although it requires a completely different approach compared to the old one.


Contractor: Garzon Kft. Székesfehérvár.


Enikő Éva Várady

Design Engineer

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