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From Fireplace to Sauna, the Dream House comes to Life

Interior design graduation project by Krisztina Várnagyi.

A stunning transformation awaits the young couple in their newly built twin house. See how their boldest ideas come to life!


I graduated as an interior designer in June 2023. I have been interested in art, creative tasks, and drawing since my childhood. Currently, I work as a back-office manager at an insurance brokerage firm. Two years ago, I felt the need for knowledge where I could express my creativity alongside my current job. By chance, I stumbled into the profession, following an intuition that led me to enroll in the Interior Design course. And I made the right choice; from the first art history class, I felt like I had "arrived," and that feeling has not faded since. During the training, I thoroughly enjoyed using the ARCHLine.XP program for design, which was easy and quick for me to learn. I also used it for my graduation project, showcasing my ideas in detail through visual plans and design documentation. Every task, every project encourages continuous learning, requiring constant creativity tailored to the client's taste. No two assignments are alike, and no two clients are the same.



Project description

The clients, a young couple with 8-year-old twin boys, approached me for the interior design of one of the apartments in their newly built, modern-style twin house, covering an area of 110 m2. The father, a 35-year-old computer graphics professional, works remotely and has a passion for cooking, gardening, and DIY projects. The mother, 33 years old, is a housewife and currently a language teacher. To stay active, she gives morning classes to small groups of 4-5 students when the family is not at home. Her hobbies include reading and sewing. Their dream was to have a sauna and a fireplace. The twins are energetic, have an extensive circle of friends, love various sports and activities, and are particularly fond of creative games, painting, and sculpting. One of them is left-handed. They enjoy being together and, for now, insist on sharing a room, leaving the possibility of separation later on. Their big dream is a little brother or sister, expected to arrive in the next few years. They often host casual guests, grandparents, relatives, and friends who sometimes stay overnight.




Design Concept

The apartment currently consists of 4 bedrooms, an open-plan kitchen-living room, a separate utility room, a toilet, and a bathroom. In the design process, I aimed to satisfy the clients' needs to the maximum extent. Therefore, I merged the two smaller bedrooms to create a shared room for the children, leaving the option for separation in the future. The room has two windows, allowing for easy division if needed.

Between the other two bedrooms, I designed a bathroom with a toilet, accessible from the parents' bedroom, creating a private bathroom for them. The fourth room currently serves as a guest room with a workspace, potentially becoming the future room for the incoming younger brother/sister. The dimensions of the living room, dining area, and kitchen remain as per the original plans. Two large terrace doors brighten the space, complemented by a modern style, with gray wooden interior, white walls, and accents of blue curtains and upholstered dining chairs.

The living room features a TV mounted on the wall and an electric visual fireplace below. Wooden paneling on both sides of the wall adds warmth to the cool tones of the room. The dining area was designed to accommodate everyday meals as well as larger family and friend gatherings. The kitchen island with an integrated cooktop, along with the open layout of the living room, kitchen, and dining area, allows everyone to actively participate in these events.

The apartment also includes a utility room where the washing machine and dryer are placed within custom-made furniture, leaving space for cleaning supplies.

The children's room is designed according to the preferences of the two boys, featuring colorful soccer-themed wallpaper, bean bag chairs, and a room-scale climbing wall with a basketball hoop for the ever-active children to enjoy at home.

In every room, besides good general lighting, local and mood lighting were strategically placed. A LED strip was installed in a suspended ceiling above the kitchen island and dining table, serving as mood lighting. Ceiling spotlights were installed in the bathrooms, and LED-lit mirrors provide illumination in both rooms.

The terrace, accessible from the living room, hosts a custom-made outdoor sauna and shower. With its clean lines and large glass surfaces, the outdoor sauna's most interesting feature is the built-in outdoor shower with multi-functional massage panels. Heating, hot water, and electricity are provided by the shared boiler room of the twin house, individually separated, metered, and adjustable for each apartment.

Throughout the entire house, I planned underfloor heating and cooling, which, compared to radiators, saves energy while providing even heat distribution. The same radiant heating and cooling system warms with hot water in winter and cools in summer. In addition, towel drying radiators were installed in the bathrooms.

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