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Interior design graduation project by Tímea Tóth.
Modern, functional, and youthful interior design, where practicality meets quality.  


I'm Tímea Tóth, I'm a graduate student of interior design. Creativity and design have always been an important part of my life. I came to the design world from a completely different field, the beauty industry. However, there are essential skills that apply to both sides, and I've gained a lot of experience in areas such as customer focus, productivity, loyalty, and precision. The continuous learning and experience required by the design profession is something I strive to achieve with great pleasure and unceasing motivation. During my studies, I had the opportunity to learn ARCHLine.XP, which makes it really easy and smooth to create documentation and visuals related to interior design. In addition to learning my new profession, I also received a commission to design a family house's bathroom and provide interior design consultancy. I believe that I will continue to find the right path and have the opportunity to meet the needs of as many people as possible.


Graduation project:



Project description:

My clients are a young couple in their 30s with a 4-year-old son. The father is an international lawyer, the mother a translator and interpreter.
They asked me to turn their two-storey family house into a real home, customised to their needs. Functionality, practicality and modern, youthful furnishings were their main priorities. Keeping this in mind, I designed a clean, functional and modern interior for them.

My clients prefer light colours, they didn't want very bright shades. Mostly they wanted shades of cappuccino, white and grey. As per their request, I aimed for high quality, both in terms of furniture and lighting. Custom furniture was installed in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and children's room. In terms of lighting, adjustable colour, brightness and colour temperature LEDs were used in several areas, as well as light fittings.

They enjoy hosting guests, with occasional gatherings of 6-8 people and the addition of a family member. The kitchen is used on a regular basis, and they needed a home office that both the husband and wife would use, including appropriate book storage. The office can be accessed from the living room through a lockable door, and it houses all their books, along with separate writing desks for the couple. The kitchen was designed to be practical, with plenty of storage space built up to the ceiling. I also created a small island that can be used for dining or meal preparation.

To fulfill their wish for a pantry, I increased its size, making it accessible through a door integrated into the kitchen furniture so that it remains hidden. 
The family loves the sea and travels frequently. To bring a piece of the sea into their home, I designed a beautiful large built-in 300-liter marine aquarium with custom furnishings.

The grandmother is a regular visitor to my clients, so they wanted her to have a secluded, quiet place in the house. I managed to achieve this by creating a bathroom on the lower level, right next to the guest room, so that both the young people and their guests could have an intimate sphere.

On the upper level, you'll find the parents' and child's rooms. Considering their requests, both the master bedroom and the child's room have their own bathrooms and walk-in closets. The parents' bathroom is accessible from both the hallway and the bedroom, and when the young boy gets older, the same can be achieved for him through a subsequent door installation. For the child, I designed a play and creative space, a hiding spot, large motor activities, and cozy lighting.

For the exam, the students had to prepare demolition, construction, colour and technical plans for the entire house, as well as detailed design documentation for the main rooms. I achieved the right spatial organisation with less demolition/construction on the lower level and a little more on the upper level. I also received very good training in the use of the ARCHLine.XP program in the interior designer training, so I was able to smoothly complete all phases of my exam work with this software.


Tímea Tóth

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