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Modern kid-friendly family home - Betty Doka

Ms Betty Doka had used hand drawings at the beginning of her career then she met ARCHLine.XP, and she committed herself to computer design ever since then. In this blog she showcases simple and clear interior spaces of a family home which was dreamt for a couple with three kids.

Initially, interior design was just only a hobby for Ms Betty Doka. For six years she created every project drawing by hand. However, as everything surrounding her sped up she realised it was time to change, and that's when she found ARCHLine.XP.  She has been working with the program for 4 years now. She learned ARCHLine.XP without the benefit of a teacher or formal education. She had lots of work so she could not attend on workshops. Whenever she faced difficulties the video tutorials were at hand and were great help in her works.

The project
"My clients were a young dentist couple with three beautiful young daughters. They hired me to design the interior of a newly built 150 sqm family home in Heviz, Hungary. Because of the given circumstances of the site and the house I had to include split floor levels (3 altogether) in the program, which I have never done before.
When I start a project, first I always talk though with my clients what their expectations are regarding their new home. It was important to bring concrete and blue textures  into their new home. Their idea was to create a modern, but clear style where small children can have enough play area.
They loved to have a fireplace where they can sit, and which is also safe for the kids. They were fascinated by the idea to enjoy its view from the living room and dining room.
Coming from the dining room, there is a pantry under the stairs, with a push latch door.
It was vital for the father to have the wine fridge at a clearly visible place but not reachable for kids.
Speaking of the kitchen, the mother was seeking for a huge kitchen isle to play with kids there and also prepare meals together. All sockets were supposed to be hidden in the kitchen, so recessed ones were built in the countertop.
A home theatre projector was fitted in the master bedroom, which can be pulled up automatically up to the ceiling.
The parents insisted on allocating room for a study, which was hidden by a secret bookcase door.
The next phase will be to shape the floor level, here I have to find creative design solutions for the young ladies.
Special thanks to the ARCHLine.XP software, which has greatly facilitated my work and I can deliver high quality designs to my customers."
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Betty Doka
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