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Modern, stylish living room designs - Designer: Adrienn Tóth

Tóth the winner of a March Picture of the Month presents her design created with ARCHLine.XP.

About Adrienn Tóth

With nearly a decade of experience in travel management, I wanted to be even more creative, so I decided to get a degree in interior design. In the last semester of my training, I joined the StudioTrend Interior team, and since then, I have been working with Eva Ferenczi. The combination of youthful energy and more than 20 years of professional experience makes our joint venture a whole. Our goal is to design and renovate sophisticated interiors - keeping in mind the needs of our customers - taking into account the latest trends and working with quality products, whatever it may be - accommodation, office, restaurant, wellness, showroom, salon, shop... 


Our project was based on the living room of a small family house. The idea was to create a modern, trendy, stylish central place that would be practical, comfortable and give a design home feel.
Rounded, curved shapes and straight contours alternate the ceiling light fittings and fixtures. In addition to white, the black colour is not too intrusive but dominates the room. Warm brown tones and wood finishes add a cosy touch, with some white as a compliment.
A reading corner was an important consideration. A unique decorative mural with a marble motif makes this little nook inviting to relax. Walnut furniture panels conceal white boxes, making the cabinet unique, and a large mirror next to it expands the space. Beneath the mirrored wall surface, the floating wood strip also offers seating cushions for reading.
The home is kept warm by a bioethanol fireplace suspended from the ceiling, its graceful shape an eye-catching feature. The TV back panel is made with trendy wooden slats. The dark wood veining of the reading nook furniture is echoed in the shelves that run along the front and the top of the coffee table. The white colour of the pouffes, which are conveniently hidden under the counter, matches the off-white shade of the corner sofa. The white of the coffee table blends perfectly with the space, which features a soft shaggy brown rug in the centre.

Tóth Adrienn

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