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We Design It - 45 degree turn

Nők Lapja (Women’s Magazine) is a very popular weekly magazine in Hungary, available in print and digital format. The magazine's popular " We Design It " series is back, featuring a project by Andrea Sallak. The stunning animations created with ARCHLine.XP LIVE provide inspiration for home makeovers and dream homes.

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Project Description

Unfortunately, in the case of condominiums, I often encounter floor plans that are clearly born out of necessity. They are filled with compromises, their layouts are disadvantageous, and their space utilization is not optimal. Rethinking and redesigning these spaces is a real challenge.
This 67 m2 apartment also has several drawbacks. Its major flaw is that, being a corner apartment, it has only two windows, making it difficult to ensure sufficient sunlight throughout. This results in an oddly shaped bedroom, as it is very narrow near the window, making it impossible to fit a double bed. Therefore, the room had to be expanded further back. Only a workspace can be accommodated in the space in front of the window. The two entrances to the room are pointless. The bathroom is small, and there is no place for the washing machine.

Changing Needs

Currently, a young lady lives in the apartment, and it works well for a single person. However, as life situations change, the apartment needs to adapt to new needs and expectations. Ideally, functional changes do not require a complete overhaul, but in this case, to make the apartment functional in the long run, it cannot be avoided.

New Floor Plan

The owner of the apartment believes that the number of occupants may increase, aging parents may move in, or even a partner. Therefore, an additional bedroom would be needed, while ensuring that the common living room remains. The floor area is still suitable, but the lack of windows complicates the matter significantly. The space must be redrawn and examined to make the layout more practical.


Unconventional Spaces

There are usable spaces in the current bedroom, so let's start optimizing here. An unusual idea provides the key: let's break away from right angles!
Turning the wall at a 45-degree angle provides a new perspective, allowing the bed to be closer to the balcony, leaving room for a walk-in wardrobe.
The other bedroom also needs a place, but due to the lack of windows, it's not possible to create a separate room. However, a comfortable sleeping nook could be a good solution. It will be located in the current kitchen area, separated by two parallel glass sliding doors and internal blinds for nighttime privacy.



The Heart of the Apartment

The new kitchen moves to the center of the apartment, allowing the wet block to connect to the bathroom. Due to the slanted walls, the shape of the kitchen is also unconventional, but it is the perfect place for the dining area. The glossy, sea-green fronts of the furniture harmonize with the overall color scheme of the apartment.


The Path of Light

 The most important task is to bring as much light as possible into the apartment from the two windows. Cathedral glass windows are placed in multiple locations for this purpose. The ones on the bedroom wall illuminate the living room (can be covered from the inside with blinds at night), and the sleeping nook is naturally bathed in sunlight. Light also enters the kitchen, and the transformed and enlarged bathroom won't be dark either, thanks to the windows facing the wardrobe and kitchen.


The Warmth of Home

Due to the new shape of the living room, it becomes the most interesting part of the apartment. Consistently designed wall planes allow for an extra spectacle—an ethanol fireplace enhances the space. Behind the unique, turning sofa, there is even a corner for a home office.
(Read the original article in Nők Lapja 38.)





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