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Nők Lapja (Women’s Magazine) is a very popular weekly magazine in Hungary, available in print and digital format. The magazine's popular " We Design It " series is back, featuring a project by Andrea Sallak. The stunning animations created with ARCHLine.XP LIVE provide inspiration for home makeovers and dream homes.

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What makes a home comfortable is determined by one's life situation and preferences. A specific space may be perfect for one person, while another would like to shape it according to their own ideas. Implementing these changes sometimes requires professional help. The 52 m2 condominium initially has good features, including two rooms, a larger and a smaller bathroom, and a living-kitchen area. Its owner is a single lady who, before moving in, would like to make some modifications to meet her different expectations and needs. She is bothered by the fact that the bathroom opens directly from the bedroom, and she definitely wants a small wardrobe. She also intends to rearrange the almost unusably small kitchen. Two bedrooms are needed because her university student stepchild is soon moving in from Budapest.

The task is not simple since architectural constraints cannot be ignored. The plumbing determines the location of wet areas, and wall demolition must be done with careful consideration. In our case, the larger bathroom opens from the bedroom not only because it's fashionable nowadays but also because there is a pillar in the adjacent wall to the kitchen, making the initial idea seemingly unfeasible.

Not Hopeless

However, the independent accessibility of the bathroom can be solved differently. The 14 m2 bedroom is spacious enough to create the desired wardrobe with a plasterboard wall, solving all problems at once. We enter this space from the living room, and from here, there is now a bathroom with its own entrance, and opposite it is the bedroom. The wardrobe room will be equipped with elegantly designed cabinets with practical fronts to solve storage issues.

The other problem is the kitchen, as it is currently not suitable for household management. The refrigerator has no place and is awkwardly placed in one corner. This needs to be addressed, but it requires some compromise. Sacrificing the smaller bathroom is not a big price for the sake of the goal, as the larger one will suffice. Its area will be reduced by half, preserving the second toilet with a small sink, which is fortunate.

Kitchen for Every Need

With the gained space, there is now a chance to create a modern, practical, and elegant kitchen. The sink remains in place, and adjacent to it, a built-in refrigerator fits in, with a tall cabinet on the other side for the oven and microwave. The corner with the built-in mechanical and ventilation unit will be turned towards the furniture, and the cooking hob will be relocated here.

From the living room, the side of the cabinets is not a pleasant sight, so we enclose the kitchen with a floor-to-ceiling glass display cabinet, where glasses and plates can comfortably fit, and thanks to the internal lighting, it becomes a spectacular element of the space. Next to it is the enlarged entrance of the wardrobe, making the space feel more spacious. Of course, the cabinets are harmonized with other furniture.

Elegant Living Room

The space intended for communal living was not spacious from the beginning, so it's important not to overcrowd it with various furnishings. However, to create a cozy atmosphere, it's advisable to give it some unique style.

Choose a comfortable but not too bulky sofa, behind which a fine shade of wallpaper is placed. This already sets the color scheme of the room, and other furnishings should be adjusted accordingly. The light olive green recurs in the upholstery of the dining chairs, as well as in other textiles and cushions.

Opposite the sofa, a unique and eye-catching TV wall is created. The wall is covered with white furniture panels from floor to ceiling, with a large, marble-patterned front wall. The LED lighting behind it adds a pleasant atmosphere to the room. On the floor, also covered with marble-patterned tiles, next to the cabinet, the main attraction is a bioethanol fireplace that enhances the visual appeal.
(Read the original article in Nők Lapja 51.)


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