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Nők Lapja (Women’s Magazine) is a very popular weekly magazine in Hungary, available in print and digital format. The magazine's popular " We Design It " series is back, featuring a project by Andrea Sallak. The stunning animations created with ARCHLine.XP LIVE provide inspiration for home makeovers and dream homes.

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An area bounded by main walls can be divided in many ways. A good designer first carefully assesses the family's situation, needs, and requirements, and then determines the location, spatial requirements, and relationships of each function accordingly. Only then can dream up the furnishings, style, colours and harmony.

Unfortunately, this 69 m2 family house with a garden does not have fortunate characteristics, as its layout is narrow and elongated, meaning the rooms can only be accessed through an unused, dark corridor. This takes up a lot of space while the rooms themselves are not very spacious. The living room is particularly small, and almost half of it is taken up by disproportionately large fireplace. The appearance and equipment of the kitchen are outdated. Because of the house's location, the rooms do not get much natural light, so this needs to be changed.

Let's think in reverse!

How can we redistribute the given area so that it becomes more comfortable and spacious? What is the goal? It's to gain useful space by integrating the long corridor area and make the entire apartment more airy and brighter.

The key to the solution might be unconventional but essentially simple. By mirroring the central tract of the house, we create a completely new, exciting space. We move the bathroom to the place of the dark corridor, where there's room for both a bathtub and a shower. The boiler remains in place due to the chimney, but it will be housed in a corridor wardrobe along with the washing and drying machines. The separate toilet will be relocated to the old bathroom area.

We also move the pantry and the kitchen to the opposite side, facing the rear main wall. Utilizing every square centimeter, there's room next to the pantry for a large, double-door refrigerator, storage in the bathroom, and a sideboard in the dining area. Although the kitchen has moved away from the window, it still receives plenty of light. The homeowner doesn't like an open kitchen, so during cooking, it can be separated from the rest of the apartment with sliding glass doors. The dining table, which was previously in the cramped living room, now gets its own space in the freed-up area opposite the modern kitchen, in front of the windows.

A different approach to the fireplace

The sight of a flickering flame is extremely uplifting, so if there was a fireplace before, let's not part with it now. When planning the layout, we had to align with the chimney in the middle of the apartment anyway, so now a much more delicate fire space, open on three sides, will be placed here. Thus, the fire becomes the central element of the apartment, as it can be enjoyed from everywhere. Additionally, the fireplace serves as alternative heating.

Originally, the living room didn't function well as a communal space, as much of it was occupied by the unused fireplace and the table, leaving little room for a comfortable sofa. Thanks to the new layout, it has become significantly more spacious, and with the removal of the entrance, a pleasant, sheltered area has been created by the back wall, where an L-shaped sofa and two armchairs fit. The TV is now on the wall next to the new fireplace, so the whole family can enjoy both at the same time. The wall is covered with a special, uniquely designed wall panel, made even more spectacular by hidden LED lighting.

By incorporating the corridor area and relocating the functions, the windows on the garden side of the house are essentially brought into one space. The whole apartment is now almost "breathing", more airy and more interesting because of the openings. We have also achieved the goal of allowing as much light as possible into the previously divided, dark apartment. Although the transformation is significant and not a small task, it greatly increases the property's utility value.

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