ARCHLine.XP rendering competition!

The vote for the ARCHLine.XP 2023 Rendering competition is closed.

Many of our users have tested and tried the new rendering engine of ARCHLine.XP 2023. The professional jury put 29 images to the vote. The images brought harmonious interiors and exteriors to life, using excellent material and pattern settings and well-chosen lighting.

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the participants!
Vote: 31

2nd place: Miklós Elek
Vote: 23
3rd place: Anett Sipos
Vote: 21

More entries:

01 Aranyi Klaudia
Vote: 14
02 Aranyi Klaudia
Vote: 4
03 Aranyi Klaudia
Vote: 3
04 Elek Miklos
Vote: 23
05 Fias Berta
Vote: 13
06 Harka Veronika
Vote: 9
07 Hujber Nagy Aletta
Vote: 15
08 Kovacs Reka
Vote: 2
09 Lengyel Nora
Vote: 9
10 Lengyel Nora
Vote: 1
11 Pal Zsuzsa
Vote: 13
12 Pal Zsuzsa
Vote: 3
13 Pal Zsuzsa
Vote: 3
14 Palcsak Mariann
Vote: 12
15 Palcsak Mariann
Vote: 19
16 Saghy Kata
Vote: 16
17 Saghy Kata
Vote: 6
18 Saghy Kata
Vote: 31
19 Sallak Andrea
Vote: 13
20 Sallak Andrea
Vote: 9
21 Sallak Andrea
Vote: 7
22 Sipos Anett
Vote: 13
23 Sipos Anett
Vote: 21
24 Strelecz Fanni
Vote: 8
25 Szirmai Nora
Vote: 6
26 Szirmai Nora
Vote: 3
27 Szirmai Nora
Vote: 6
28 Szirmai Nora
Vote: 8
29 Szudi Nikolatta
Vote: 4


Gabriella Katonáné Szabó: How can we learn to render like this?" Sághy Kata: "Thank you - with lots of practice"
Rita Németh: "This is very professional work!!!"
Henriett Hajas: "Oh my God!"
Judit Papp: "This is super!!!"
Anna Fazekasné Vágó: "Very good!!!"
Viola Serfőző: "Well, this is something of a miracle, the concept, the design, the render. Everything. Congratulations!"
Viktória Fülöpcseiné Papp: "Now, that looks good! Well done Kata!"
Ágnes Horváth: "Congratulations! Is this PS post-production or just render 23?" Kata Sághy: "No post-production, ... there was no need for PS." Ágnes Horváth: Then I'm even more curious to try it out!


Zsuzsa Pál:
"First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the new version! I'm probably one of the first users and I have gone through a lot of innovations and learning...but this is the most spectacular of all. I therefore supported the many images with one vote each - because, as I saw, the charm of the novelty had a strong effect on everyone!"

Mariann Lukács Palcsák:
"I think the program is great! You have to learn, but you can create better and better pictures with it."

Harald Merzbach:
"New rendering, level splitting, optimized scaling..... and many other great new features. Not only a perfect CAD/BIM program, but also a source of fun at work. Updating ARCHLine.XP 2023 is a sensible and worthwhile investment."

Erika Harsányiné Lőrincz:
"One is more beautiful than the other, you can't choose! Congratulations to all applicants!"

Klaudia Aranyi:
"The new render is great!"

Mónika Fehér:
"Very nice, congratulations Anett Sípos, is there any post-production work on it?" Sípos Anett: "Thank you. No post-production work, I just fine tuned it with the effects of the render."

András Lajos Goller:
"I have to say that this is the best rendering engine since the program has been around! What's the secret? Maybe you should start with the fact that the white colour of the walls, for example, is really real! Usually the space is much brighter."