Sanitary ware

ARCHLine.XP Sanitary Ware (from ARCHLine.XP 2010 Release 2 or later) command is an expandable database of object models.

Currently the latest products of worldwide known German producers of saniter accessories, heaters and air conditioners are available for free.

Ideal StandardJunkersVaillantVilleroy & Boch


Latest product databases of 3D models can be downloaded for free on this website:
Note: The language of the website is German. We suggest you to use the Google Chrome, and you can easily translate the website to your language. After completing the the registration please navigate to Download Center → Badplandaten page.


Select, download and install the required database from the list of producers appearing on the right side. After completing the installation the selected producer will be visible on the top of the ARCHLine.XP - Sanitary Ware dialog. Click on it and select the required element from the product catalogues appearing in the list on bottom.


By clicking the Download Model button the selected model will be inserted directly into your ARCHLine.XP® project and object library. Downloaded models include name, description and product code information, making possible to create valuable consignation by one click.